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MAHKOTA DEWA (Phaleria macrocarpa)

MAHKOTA DEWA (Phaleria macrocarpa)

Tree Crown god cultivated as an ornamental / shade plants. 
Small tree with a height of 3 meters, has an interesting fruit because the color red, pressed from the main trunk to the branches. 
Called also Makuto Rojo, Makuto Queen, Drug Lord, Pau (Drug Heirlooms) or Crown of God. 
Derived from Papua (West Irian) Mahkota Dewa fruit containing active substances such as: 

Functioning as a detoxification that can neutralize toxins in the body. 

Being a source of anti-bacterial and anti-virus, boost the immune system, increase vitality, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce blood clotting 

Circulation of blood throughout the body and prevent blockages in blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and reduce penumbunan content of fat in the blood vessel walls, reducing the levels of risk of coronary heart disease, contains anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), serves as an anti-oxidant, helps 
reduce the pain if there is bleeding or swelling 

Functioning as an anti-histamine (anti-allergy) Crown god is believed to prevent and help the healing process of various diseases, among others: 
High blood pressure, improve vitality for people with diabetes, cancer (substance damnacanthal: inhibiting the growth of cancer cells), uric acid, Lever, Allergy, Kidney, Heart, Various kinds of skin diseases, Overcoming drug addiction, Rheumatism, Improve stamina and resistance to influenza, Insomnia and others. 

The plant is used as medicine are the leaves, fruit flesh and skin. 
The leaves and fruit skin can be used fresh or dried, while the fruit is used after being dried. 

Fruit skin and flesh of fruit is used for: 
- Dysentery, 
- Psoriasis, and acne. 

Leaves and seeds used for treatment: 
- Skin diseases, such as ekzim and itching. 

Not yet known effective dose is safe and beneficial. 
For drugs taken, use some dried fruit slices (without seeds). Over the new few days dose increased little by little, until the perceived benefits. For serious illnesses, such as cancer and psoriasis, the dose should be larger sometimes use for benefit improvements. Note the side effects that may arise. 


Boil the rind is dried gods crown (15 g) with two cups water to boil for 15 minutes. 
Once cool, strain fixation and drinking water as well. Do it 2-3 times a day. 

Cut the crown of the god of fresh fruit (three pieces), seeds removed, then sliced thinly and dry in the sun to dry. 
Boil these bulbs with one liter of water over high heat. Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer until the water remaining one quarter. Once cool, strain and drink the water twice a day, of each half. If symptoms of poisoning, lower the dose or discontinue use. 

Eczema, hives 
Wash the leaves of the crown of the god of fresh sufficiently, then milled until smooth.Stick it on the sick, and dressing. 
Replace 2-3 times a day. 

The use of medicinal plants should be based on the principle of benefit and safety. 
If useful to cure disease, but not safe because they are poisonous, should be considered the possibility of acute poisoning and chronic poisoning may occur. 

Part of fruit, especially seeds berracun. 
If fresh fruit eaten immediately, can cause swelling in the mouth, thrush, intoxication, seizures, unconscious. 
Using excessive doses for long periods can cause side effects, such as chronic headaches. 

Pregnant women are prohibited from taking these herbs.

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